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07. Bestiary & Allies by Sauron ON Aug 3, 2016 20:39:47 GMT -6
All information pertaining to the site can be found in here.
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Grand Opening Bonus! by Annuviel Cen Anwyn ON Aug 3, 2016 19:49:11 GMT -6
Announcements from the staff to you concerning the site.
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DWARF, róa oakenshield by Róa Oakenshield ON Aug 5, 2016 2:54:59 GMT -6
All items needed to create your character such as the templates, the accepted database, and other topics like the Face Claim list and the Who Plays Who list, fall under here.
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Folklore (Lumlir plotter) by Lumlir ON Aug 5, 2016 11:16:18 GMT -6
All Character Trackers and Relationship Pages go here.
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Retaking Athilin [ARNOR RESTORATION] by Alexander Elessar ON Jul 31, 2016 16:07:40 GMT -6
This is where you will find everything to do with Questing on the board. Sign-ups, rules, and what to expect.
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*Burns Wallet* by Sauron ON Jul 31, 2016 15:15:56 GMT -6
Need to buy something? Well, this is where you'll go for that! Everything you need to purchase can be found here, so make sure to save up your silver.


* The Shire | 1 TOPICS | 1 POSTS
Tell a Story [Open] by Lumlir ON Aug 1, 2016 17:55:41 GMT -6
If there is ever a place where one may wish to settle down and raise a family or something, it would definitely be the Shire, if they're a Hobbit anyway. The Shire is a vast expanse of green, rolling hills and farmlands with fertile soil. It is here the Hobbits live out the same day to day life from birth until death. Nothing unexpected ever happens here, and those who are outsiders are often looked upon with suspicion by the little folk. That said, if there was ever a place to reaffirm one's belief that there is good in the world worth fighting for, it's the Shire.
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* Bree | 0 TOPICS | 0 POSTS
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One of the biggest hotspots of Eriador, Bree is considering the get together for any group of adventurers that want to set out, normally. If you have ever heard of tales of meeting at a tavern on a dark stormy night, well the trend began here. While Hobbits rarely venture out of the Shire, the more adventurous ones have been known to come here. It's however, usually over a day's journey from the Shire to Bree. It's heavily populated, filled with many houses, inns, and paved roads, and is actually an ancient settlement of men, believe it or not.
Sub-board: The Prancing Pony |
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Rivendell, one of the last bastions of elves, is considered a glorious sight by any who enter it for the first time. Built in a ravine with flowing waterfalls, Rivendell, or Imladris, as another name for it, houses one of the greatest healers in Middle-Earth, and the bearer of Vilya. It is one of the few areas that does not truly discriminate against the other races save orcs, and will welcome men, dwarves, and hobbits alike. They are highly cultured, and hold artifacts of the previous events of Middle-Earth, and are notoriously well defended.
* Lake-town | 1 TOPICS | 3 POSTS
Wet & Cold [Agrolan/Invite] by Alexander Elessar ON Aug 5, 2016 21:51:54 GMT -6
A small settlement in the Northeastern part of Middle-Earth, Lake-town is a settlement of men that rests upon the long lake. Constructed entirely of wood, Lake-town is built on stands that use wooden pillars sunk into the lake bed in order to support itself. Despite having such a defensible position, Lake-town is unfortunately very susceptible to fire due to its wooden making. However, it is rather wealthy, using its location as an area of trade between men and elves and dwarves. Also, it has pugs.
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The Realm of Gondor is considered the greatest defense that the Free Peoples have against the forces of Sauron... usually. Right now with Sauron not really being active right now, Gondor seems kind of peaceful for the moment save for the conflicts with the Haven of Umbar. Gondor is unique in its lineage; descended from the men of Numenor, they are considered the last bastion of its culture. Though they do not have the long life that the men of the north are blessed with, they still value Numenorean traditions.
Sub-board: Minas Tirith |
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The land of the Horse Lords. Rohan is a vast expanse of plains with some rocks. To this the population of Rohan tend to use horses to get around, and are very well versed in the art of horse riding. However, it's not as clean as one would think; Rohan had to drive out the Dunlendings in order to take this land for themselves.
Sub-boards: Gap of Rohan | Edoras |
* Forests | 0 TOPICS | 0 POSTS
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Middle-Earth is filled with many different forests that range from fair, to foul, to everything in between. These woods can either be an ally or an enemy, but they are all vast and usually make for great hiding spots.
Sub-boards: Lorien | Mirkwood | Fangorn |
* Mountains | 0 TOPICS | 0 POSTS
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Middle-Earth has mountains. Lots of them. There are mountain ranges in the north, there are mountain ranges in the west as well. There are even mountain ranges all the way into Gondor as well. Needless to say, as there are forests, there are mountains. However, the mountains tend to be a bit more dangerous than the forests for various reasons, so still be careful!
Sub-boards: Iron Hills | Misty Mountains |
* Wilderness | 1 TOPICS | 12 POSTS
Retaking Athilin [Arnor Plot Quest] by Cassandra Undómiel ON Aug 13, 2016 17:36:51 GMT -6
The grand majority of Middle-Earth is wilderness. Whether it's ruins or plains or just the great outdoors, Middle-Earth is host to a rather diverse biome. Tread lightly even under this beautiful sky though, for there are strange folk abroad!
* The Mirror of Lothlorien | 1 TOPICS | 2 POSTS
dust & g o l d [c] by Alexander Elessar ON Aug 8, 2016 18:26:07 GMT -6
The song of Eru Ilúvatar has been given shape and form for countless centuries as it tells of the fate of Arda and beyond even that. At times, it is important to take apart these strands and look back to the past and see how these melodies shaped all within Eru’s creation. [PAST BOARD]

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Every good site needs one of these~ This is where you come to discuss anything out of character. You’ll find the introduction/absence board in here.
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This is the hot spot to kick back and enjoy those silly forum games or get those creative muses moving.
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Tharathion [wip] by Tharathion ON Aug 3, 2016 7:23:11 GMT -6
The graveyard of finished threads and old character apps.
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